Tuesday, January 23, 2007

All the way from Italy

This photo, which I received as a forward, was something rare and unique as I intuit at least. Not everyone of us get to see this archived photo. If you are good at face reading and rich in memory then try it out. If you guess that this must have been the photo of either Demi Moore or Salma Hayek in their 20's, then you are really wrong and update your Beauty Quotient (BQ) and try once again as I will be giving only hints to identify her. She is in no way inferior to any of the Hollywood or Bollywood movie actresses. If not now, at least in this photograph. I think there must have been some fitness centres mulling over the diet and exercise pattern followed by her.
Born as Edvige Antonia Albina Maino, at a dusky Italian village Lusiana, the lady has toiled hard to make it to the list of world's most powerful women. Even at 60, the whirling political events, unexpected twists and controversies have not been able to douse her enthusiasm and has been a fear factor among our netas.
Hailing from a different cultural background and despite her father's vehement opposition to her marriage to one of our former Prime Ministers, today Albina Moino is a pivotal and influential personality in the country's political arena. She never have imagined that she would one day attain a status of 'Madam', and hear the stories of our mirthful democratic leaders. I hope now you must have got the clear picture about the lady. But I am Sorry I can't fetch you a electoral ticket from her party on your achievement!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Brain F****** caller tunes

Breaking the monotony of urban lifestyle, few things which come and go in our life, would really bring in some amount of joy and refreshment. An abrupt meet with your school days friend, smile of a paper boy, lingering words like Tata-See you of your neighbourhood toddler, an unexpected call or scrap from your forgotten 'girl'friend, tasty food parcel from home, an appreciating 'Yelllow Card' from your boss, would definitely bring in some amount of renewed energy and palpable willingness to take new initiative.
Though I encounter such things once in a while, this one which I heard from my editor was something new and I must give him all credit for the nomenclature. I am a huge(I can't tell how huge)fan of Amir Khan and have his track Pehla Nasha... Pehla Dua... as my caller tune. It was almost common for my friends to dial up my number and listen to it. However they would message me before doing such things and suddenly put my cell on silent mode.

I've seen boys and girls giving miss calls to their loved ones some times the money minded too indulge in such activities. But few weeks back I was surprised to see around 4 to 5 missed calls to my mobile. To a guy like me who get only one are two(Max:4)calls in a day, it was strange to receive 5 missed calls that too from my editor. In the afternoon, not knowing my presence inside the office once again I got a call from the editor. Counting on the number of missed calls, I sensed something foul has happened and I was tutoring my mind to face the aftermaths. But before going to his cabin I did a complete re-check of all the supplement pages thinking I must have done some mistake.
Much to my amusement, later I was told that my caller tune was so mesmerising that it made him nostalgic and cherished some of the old memories. He told me that songs like this along with couple of other tracks could be classified under Brain F****** caller tune categories as they dig up our memories hidden or cremated under the lesser known folds of brain. I came back to my desk and discussed with few seniors. In the evening, huddling over a cup of coffee at the canteen we enlisted few such tunes. Not necessarily the meaning, but the action and apt time in which they were composed and sung are some of the details which evoke such kind of effects.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Adieu to procrastination on the threshold of New Year

I admit that It's been a long time since i attended to my blog. Important transition at the work place, new responsibility and added expectation compelled us to involve more meticulously than our previous endeavours. Hence, I had hardly any time to come back and comment or to articulate my views on happenings.
A New Year 2007 is before us, unfolding wide range of challenges to be achieved. Regardless of obstacles both intentional and natural, nepotism, constant 'bucketing' by your competitors, I hope the genuine spirit within us would help in trailing the path of success.
Taking cue from my seniors at work, I have added regular blogging irrespective of the hurdles to the list of to be achieved resolutions. That implies adieu to procrastination. Hoping you all render good support in endorsing a cause and entertaining the fair traits of this humble boy.

Happy New Year -2007