Sunday, December 03, 2006

Prodigy delivers his best

Film: C/O Footpath
Cast: Master Kishan, B Jayashree, Tara, Shourab Shukla, Jackie Shroff and Sudeep.
Direction: Master Kishan

It was once said that "the child is the father of the man" and the world's youngest film director has lived up to those remarks through his debut C/O Footpath in terms of plan and execution. Mater Kishan's subject — slum children, who may succumb to poverty and illiteracy if not guided in a right way — creates magic as against the usual love formula. The meticulously handled complex story line, galaxy of mega stars and a moving screen play makes the movie more enjoyable and refreshing and thus justifies the Guinness Records' decision.
The story revolves around an orphan's struggle to join school and get education. The main character 'slummu' (Master Kishan) is a rag picker and challenged by the school going children, decides to join school and show that slum children are in no way inferior to others. But his wishes gets dented following bureaucratic policies and the social mobilisation about the rights of slum children is launched and Chief Minister (Jackie Shroff) enters the scene to solve the crisis and asks authorities to admit 'slummu' to school.
Despite a few technical glitches, the movie has been etched out collectively with great care and hard efforts. Cinematography loses its charm in emotional scenes due to long shots and dialogues look artificial at the children level. But the track, on which the movie take off, eclipses the abrasions. Ready references to President Kalam, Faraday and Edison inspires children to work hard and achieve their goal. B Jayashree, Tara, Sourab shukla and Jackie shroff shine in supportive roles.
The ready mix of social and emotional agony of a subversive class and their fight to avail rights, win accolades and deserves an appreciation.

— Niranjan N Kaggere

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